Moving Forward

J.U.S.T.E, Inc. will continue its efforts to support education in Haiti. Upon their return from Haiti,
J.U.S.T.E, Inc. has already received forty desk and seventy chairs and a variety of school supplies. They
are looking forward to shipping these items prior to the start of the next academic year. PLBL18 is
tentatively scheduled for the month of June. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below
 Sponsorship Opportunities (using your network/resources to help support J.U.S.T.E, Inc.
initiatives and programs)
 Volunteer Opportunities (donating your time to help support J.U.S.T.E, Inc. upcoming events,
including PLBL18)
 Partnership Opportunities (collaborating with J.U.S.T.E, Inc. on programs as your organization
aligns with the mission and vision of J.U.S.T.E, Inc.)
A special thank you to those that have given and will continue to give as we change the world one PLBL
Mission trip at a time.