The Outcome

PLBL17 was able to donate over one-hundred and seventy schools bags filled with school supplies to
give to one-hundred and seventy-seven of the students of Ecole Mixte Carida Denay. They also
acknowledged each of the professors at the school with a personalized certificate with their name to
thank them for their efforts. The children and professors were grateful and expressed their gratitude
through special singing and a delicious meal. After the PLBL17 experience, attendees were asked to
describe the trip in one word. Life-changing, humbling and phenomenal were stated, only to name a
few. Based on PLBL17 feedback, 100% of attendees stated they 1. Felt they made an impact, 2. Could
articulate the direct impact of their service, and 3. Would return to Haiti with the J.U.S.T.E, Inc. team.